Houston, We Have Liftoff

This week marks the six-month countdown to my novel hitting bookshelves, and I turned 30. These two monumental bookmarks (haha) in my life seemed like a good time to launch this new website as well. So, welcome! I hope you’ll check out my book page and learn more about Hand Me Down. I can’t wait to hear what people think.

I figured it might be nice to start off this blog with a little bit of info about what you’re getting into. I plan to post about books I’m reading or want to read, and writing, of course, but also about other things that interest me, like crafts, gardening, travel, the way our brains work, pretty things, education, family dynamics, warm and beautiful places, eavesdropping, owls, pajamas, astronomy, clouds, the ocean, fruit, sweeping vistas, vampires, mythology, strong women, games, food, food TV, and TV. I like TV a lot.

I also might post about things I don’t like, including, but not limited to, the cold, cold places, being sick, logical fallacies, bad writing, bad TV, traffic, injustice, brussel sprouts, clutter, doing laundry, friends moving far away, close-mindedness, feeling stupid, and bugs.

I hope you’ll come back and visit, and drop a comment if I strike a chord with you. You don’t even have to laugh at my jokes, though I promise I’ll actually be funny sometimes.


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