Three More Things This Thursday

1. Top Chef Redemption!! Josie *finally* went home and Kristen beat the giant jackass CJ in Last Chance Kitchen. Yay! I hope Kristen makes it back in for the finale and that Brooke and Stephan last, too. I love Stephan. Top Chef is a show full of attractive bald men. Well, at least two of them.

2. Migraines are horrible. I don’t get them as often as I used to, but man, they kick my ass.

3. Today I had a wonderful call with my new publicist from Plume, the imprint of Penguin that will be releasing my paperback. (It comes out March 26! You can preorder here!) She had so many great ideas and she made me excited about the paperback again. I can’t wait to share with you the new final, final cover and more about the new bonus material. Stay tuned!

House Hunters on HGTV Is a Lie

I feel so disillusioned right now. House Hunters, and especially House Hunters International on HGTV is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I’m not sure why it’s so addicting, but it only took a few episodes for me to get hooked. It’s not just me, either. A friend of mine called it “cracktastic” and even Psych referenced its addictive-ness:

Shawn:  It’s more addictive than little crack nuggets.

Gus: And House Hunters International.

House Hunters films a couple looking at three properties to buy and then their decision process. We learn why they’re moving, what their wish list is, and how much they can spend. Then we watch them look at the available houses and discuss their options.

Except, IT’S ALL FAKE. The couples chosen for the show have already purchased a house. They have already decided on their house, which is one of the filmed properties, and then the producers choose two other houses for them to look at, create (their term is “adjust”) prices to build more suspense, and have the couple invent an entire conversation that goes through the pros and cons of each property. They act like they don’t know which they’ll pick, but they are acting. Acting! Except, we’re supposed to think it’s real, unlike regular acting, which we’re supposed to understand is scripted. So much for reality TV. This is not just the creative editing we expect in normal reality TV, this is full-on bullshit. Why, House Hunters, why?

A friend of mine said she and her husband were approached by House Hunters after they’d bought their house, and their response was, “But we’re about to move into a house we already bought,” and were told that was what the producers wanted. There are a million other comments and articles on the internet to prove that this happens frequently. It makes me sad. It’s all a big pretense. What about the part when the real estate agent comes back and says the seller didn’t accept their first offer? What about when the couples disagree about a house for a while? Lies! All of it, lies!

I feel so betrayed. Seriously. I don’t know if I can watch this show anymore. Of course, I have over 50 episodes of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman waiting on the DVR that I  could catch up on.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Just saw the new Hunger Games movie trailer. I am SO EXCITED! Like so many other people, I loved these books. LOVED them. I bought Mockingjay in an airport last December and then stayed up until 4am finishing it, crying through the whole second half.

They’re the kind of books that will make great movies—story driven, action-packed, full of injustice that will piss you off and make you want to stand up and scream followed by love and selfless sacrifice that will make you cry. You’ll want to save Katniss, be part of the revolution, make the impossible choice between Peeta and Gale. If you haven’t read the books, go get them now. You won’t regret it unless you have other plans, because once you start reading, it will be hard to stop.

But if you’ve already devoured the books, you’ll have to wait until March for the movie just like me. I’ll be there on opening day.