Dedicate Your No-Trump Vote

I’m not sure what there is to say now that hasn’t already been said about the insanity of this election cycle, but if you haven’t heard about the site offering some respite from the misogyny and racism and putting forth powerful words of wisdom, please check out Dedicate Your No Trump Vote. Some of my thoughts are there, along with other authors, veterans, students, and others.

Started by author Julianna Baggott as a heartfelt Facebook post declaring her dedication of her No-Trump vote, the sentiment blossomed into a website dedicated to all the people Trump has belittled, threatened, and bullied speaking up and out and sharing their stories. It offers “a hopeful act in a perilous time,” a collection of essays and personal narratives about why the possibility of a Trump presidency is terrifying so many of us, and why love can win if we band together.

We will fight this wave of hate with our votes. And even if it’s unbelievable in the face of what he’s done, unimaginable that he even still stands a chance, we can’t give up yet. Every single vote matters next week. All of our voices are needed.

I hope you’ll read and share with anyone who still might be unsure of why we can’t let this man do further harm to this country. I hope you’ll get out and vote. And I hope you’ll remember that this is not about politics. This is about people’s lives.

#imwithher #lovetrumpshate #getoutandvote


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