Merry Christmas to Me

Do you guys find yourselves wanting to buy yourself gifts as you shop for others around the holidays? I keep finding things that I want when I’m supposed to be searching for things my loved ones will love, and then I feel selfish for getting sidetracked looking at jewelry or books or lamps for myself. But not enough to stop. This happens to other people, too, right?

When I break down and actually purchase one of these lovely somethings, I do feel guilty. Well, let’s be honest, the guilt lasts like a minute, and then I’m excited. I’m easily distracted by pretty things.

There are so many cool stores on the internet! How can I resist? Like The Literary Gift Company, who sells a T-shirt that says, “Careful or you’ll end up in my next novel,” and this pin that I’ve been drooling over for days: Pearl Detail Paper Rose Brooch

Isn’t it gorgeous? Wouldn’t it be the perfect accessory for readings? I’m in love with this pearled paper flower.

Anybody want to buy it for me? No? I guess I’ll be forced to buy it for myself.

Please don’t judge me.

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