The Library Phantom Is My Hero

Did you guys see this??

sculpture 1 A “poetree” sculpture made out of paper and dropped off anonymously at a library in Edinburgh. Then came more:

sculpture 3

Mysterious paper sculptures

Mysterious paper sculptures at the Book Festival

Amazing, right? Here is NPR’s coverage from the end of October that first shared the story. But they knew little. Man or woman? Why? What did the sculptures mean? How were they being delivered unnoticed? Then a few days ago, the Library Phantom returned! Still no identity, only confirmation that she was a woman and these were gifts left to support “libraries, books, words, ideas…”

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011

I’m so impressed and awed by these wonderful creations. I am absolutely in love with them. I also love this woman and her skill and her message and her lack of ego. Check out more pics of the intricate paper art here.


Mysterious paper sculptures at the Book Festival

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