Sarah Jio Interviews Our Shared Editor

Sarah Jio, author of THE VIOLETS OF MARCH and blogger extraordinaire, has started a new “Behind the Scenes” series on her blog in which she’ll interview some of the people in addition to the author who help make a book come to life. Her series kicked off with this interview of her editor, Denise Roy, who also happens to be my editor. And Denise really is fantastic—patient, talented, understanding, and just a joy to work with. Read the interview to find out more about what an editor actually does, and look for the shout out for Hand Me Down at the end.

Funny note: Denise and I haven’t met in person, since we live on opposite coasts, so the picture attached to the interview was the first time I actually saw her! It’s so nice to now have a face to go with the voice I’ve been talking to for the last nine months, with the added bonus of a new author friend in Sarah!

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