Kick-start your writing practice this summer with

7 Weeks of Generative Prompts and Accountability 

::Begins August 2019::

Email Based, Complete from Anywhere

Do you need a push to get writing again?

How about seven weeks of nudging, support, accountability, and guided prompts?

You don’t actually have to write on Fridays.

But for 7 weeks of Fridays, you will receive writing prompts in your email box with due dates, a weekly email chat thread with a supportive online community, and the push you need to write–all without having to leave your house.


Dates: Weekly Emails on Fridays, August 2 – September 20, 2019

No email Aug 30.

Location: Online, Anywhere

Cost: $275

Can be paid in monthly installments. Deposit of $75 will hold your place.

How it will work:

Each Friday morning, you will get an email from me that includes some encouragement and two prompts. Something like, write a 2-3 page scene that includes certain words or phrases, or write a scene or story limited by a specific structure, and more. You will always have a back-up if a certain prompt doesn’t speak to you or feels like too large a time investment than you have for that week. I want you writing, not feeling intimidated! You can always come back to any prompt at any time, which means you are getting fourteen prompts during this course, some of which can be used again.

The idea is that these prompts can be starting points for entirely new drafts of new material, or used as a fresh angle to approach a book or project already begun. Sometimes the best writing comes out of direct instruction, out of constraining our options just enough to kick us out of paralysis, and that is the goal here.

By the end of the seven weeks, you will have started and possibly completed at least seven new scenes/flash pieces that can be revisited and revised later, and will have at least a few unused prompts to return to when you need inspiration.

We can’t forget those deadlines:

Your scene/pages will be due to me by the following Friday morning.

On Friday afternoons I will start an email chain to the group that encourages each person in the course to post their favorite two paragraphs from what they wrote in response to the prompt, context free. Feedback will be limited to admiration only, and hopefully these passages will inspire each of you, show you the different ways these prompts can lead you into new words, and remind you that you are not alone in the process of creating.

Also Included:

At about the halfway point–3 to 4 weeks in–you will have the option to have one 40-minute “writing therapy” session with me, via phone. We can talk blocks, process, plot, character development, procrastination, motivation—for you or your characters—or really, anything related to writing that feels most beneficial to you.

As an additional bonus, this course comes with written feedback from me on up to seven pages of writing—it does not have to be something you generated during the seven weeks, but it certainly can be! You have three months from the end of the course to take advantage of this editing offer.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, email me ( or fill out the form below to sign up, and please feel free to contact me with questions as well.


“Melanie is the perfect blend of critical and encouraging.”

“Melanie is the best kind of voice to have in your head…one of the best things for my career has been Melanie’s advice, guidance, and red pen. ”

“There are many freelance editors out there. I consider myself so lucky to have found Melanie, who simply cannot be beat.”

“Melanie is very skilled at leading and guiding discussions. This was the first time I’ve walked away from a workshop feeling like I had real concrete ideas about how to improve and move forward.”

“Melanie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.”

“When I had my first meeting with Melanie, within two minutes she had put me completely at ease and seemed to be reading my mind, answering questions before I even asked them…She is also just a remarkably smart, genuine and witty person. Being around her is always a good time and then almost without realizing it you’ve taken your work to the next level by the time you say goodbye.”

Read more about what people say after working with me.

For questions, comments, or to sign up:

Email me at, or fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!