Melanie 090Melanie is the author of Hand Me Down, a debut novel named a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2012, given a “compelling” 3.5/4 stars from People, and described by Publisher’s Weekly as “an intriguing first outing by a talented new writer.” Also praised by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Associated Press, and Daily Candy, and nominated for a 2013 YALSA Alex Award, Hand Me Down is about a series of family betrayals that separates two sisters and propels them on a journey of broken promises and dangerous secrets as they search for a safe home. Pam Houston says, “Hand Me Down is a compelling, intelligently contemporized version of a traditional coming of age story,” and John Lescroart calls the novel, “sad, strong, evocative as hell, and all together terrific.” Learn more about Hand Me Down, read reviews, or purchase a copy.

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Father’s Day

Growing up, I didn’t know a lot of good dads. My alcoholic father was either absent or impaired, many of my friend’s mothers were single or their husbands worked full time and weren’t around much. None of the women in my family had successful relationships so I had no good male role models, and men were mostly off stage, unseen except in the pain they left behind, and unnecessary in my world. Women seemed to operate without men, and most of them did just fine, or, in the case of my mother, better, without a man getting in the way. The good men were like happy bonuses, appearing in short bursts to take my friends somewhere cool or teach them to drive. Without a  proper father figure, I began to believe I didn’t need one. That maybe women really were better on our own.

But I have come to know some really great men over the years. Guys who are loyal and caring, who are open-minded and sensitive and fun and funny without being cruel and really good friends and husbands. Some of these guys have become fathers in the last few years, and already I know their little girls will not have a lack of positive male role models who encourage them to be strong females. My friends will be great fathers; they are great fathers. I’ve witnessed it myself, heard the pride and wonder in their voices as they talk about their kids as people, seen them encourage their independence and guide without smothering.

I know W will be a great father someday, too, and all of this gives me hope that women aren’t on our own the way it seemed to me as a child. Just because some of us had bad dads doesn’t mean we have to be attracted to the kind of man who is abusive or distant, too critical or controlling. There are good guys out there, and they are raising another generation of boys who will grow up to respect women and take responsibility for themselves. Those are the men who deserve to be fathers.

So, here’s  to you, dads. Your children, and wives, are lucky to have you.

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