Melanie 090Melanie is the author of Hand Me Down, a debut novel named a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2012, given a “compelling” 3.5/4 stars from People, and described by Publisher’s Weekly as “an intriguing first outing by a talented new writer.” Also praised by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Associated Press, and Daily Candy, and nominated for a 2013 ALA Alex Award, Hand Me Down is about a series of family betrayals that separates two sisters and propels them on a journey of broken promises and dangerous secrets as they search for a safe home. Pam Houston says, “Hand Me Down is a compelling, intelligently contemporized version of a traditional coming of age story,” and John Lescroart calls the novel, “sad, strong, evocative as hell, and all together terrific.” Learn more about Hand Me Down, read reviews, or purchase a copy.

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No Kid Hungry

Great news! I have an essay in the May issue of Good Housekeeping, on stands now. It is so cool to see my words, and my face, in a national magazine! Even better is the cause and organization this issue of the magazine is supporting: No Kid Hungry and its mission to end childhood hunger.

This essay came out of a request for stories of growing up hungry, of kids and parents on the fringes, who aren’t necessarily starving, but who struggle on a daily basis to provide food and other necessities. “Food insecure” is what my agent called it, and my family, along with thousands of others, certainly was that.

Good Housekeeping is partnering with No Kid Hungry to help bring awareness to this type of situation that happens more often that we may want to admit. It could be happening next door and you probably wouldn’t know–shame is powerful silencer. I didn’t talk much about the hardships I faced at home when I was younger, but writing Hand Me Down and receiving the outpouring of thankful responses from readers has lifted those floodgates. I am opening up about more of my childhood in the hope that it can help others feel less alone, less embarrassed.

If you would like to get more involved with families who need help, Good Housekeeping has a resource page for more information, or you can go directly to No Kid Hungry and learn more or make a donation.


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